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Qingdao Qianwan Container Terminal Limited (QQCT), a joint venture, was founded in July 2000 by Qingdao Port Authority (reformed into Qingdao Port (Group) CO., LTD. In 2003)and P&O Ports(taken over by Dubai Ports World in 2006), QPC (former QPA) and P&O, the founder partners, expanded QQCT with the joining of COSCO and APM Terminals in July 2003. The total investment of newly-expanded QQCT is US$ 887 millions, which is so far the largest of its kind in Shandong Province in infrastructure investment.

QQCT operates 11 container berths, which can accommodate six-generation mega-vessels of over 10,000 TEUs. The terminal CY area occupies 2.25 million square meters, enjoying the minimum depth draft water of up to -17.5 meter. QQCT, one of the largest terminal operators in the world, has the total berth length of 3,400m and the designed container throughput is 6.5 million TEUs.

QQCT, located at the west bank of Pacific Ocean, is the most convenient and economical international transportation hub and access for cargo from Shandong Province and along Yellow River Delta Area. At present, there are nearly 1500 employees, among them 587 are with education background of junior college in QQCT; Equipped with 37 Super-Post Panamax Container Gantry Cranes and 101 Rubber Tyred Gantries connected with the most advanced the terminal management system SPARCS/TMS with Radio Data Terminal, the company can realize the accurate, timely and efficient planning management and provide for the customers efficient load/unloading, storage, transfer, refrigeration and unpacking/packing services.

QQCT is establishing a safe, highly efficient, strong port, and have already explored a successful way by proceeding from reality in everything, integrating the Qingdao Port good tradition and the world advanced concept. Under the positive and harmonious atmosphere, Zhenchao spirit known all around the world, Zhenchao Efficiency creating record once again, the company is strengthening the entire quality management, earns good return for the stakeholder, container terminal business has entered the regional international shipping centre.